Tux Social Media Kiosk

With Tux Social Media Kiosk, you and your guest can strike a pose, take a picture and immediately upload it to your favorite social media sites.  This is great for events that do not require printing, although you may have that option too!

At events, your guests will take a picture, upload to a social media site... presto!  You're event picture can be viewed all over the world by friends and family that could not attend the event.  Also, once uploaded the images can be printed over and over again.

Tux Social Media Kiosk is a great business promotion tool too.  If you are having a grand opening, an open house, sales event or any other business promotion, we can prepare a custom template for your event.  When your clients or guests take a picture and upload to their favorite social media sites, your business information is spread all over the world.

An Open Photo Booth in Central Florida and Madison, Wisconsin


Tux PhotoStation